IJCYFS Review invites submissions that adopt a critical edge, or are experimental, creative, and improvisational. Submissions that extend upon, or offer generative critiques of, articles posted in the International Journal of Child, Youth, and Family Studies are encouraged. Contributions that synthesize themes, arguments, or trace a line of critique between multiple articles in the IJCYFS are also welcome.

Authors should expect to participate in our collaborative, non-blind peer review process. Authors are also asked to be present in the digital discussion accompanying their piece once it is posted.

All works published on IJCYFS Review are open-access and licensed to the public under a Creative Commons license.​

IJCYFS Review considers that effective submissions:

  • include multimedia experimentation (incorporate images, hyperlinks, etc)
  • use footnotes instead of more traditional referencing practices (digital media citation practices)
  • adopt a critical edge, or are experimental, creative, and improvisational
  • open opportunities for further conversations
  • use engaging writing
  • are thought-provoking and invite readers to comment
  • draw on, build upon, create conversations with scholarship related to children, youth and family studies broadly defined
  • are original, interesting and relevant to the aims of IJCYFS Review
  • are well organized:
    • title draws the reader
    • there is a central argument (a claim) – go beyond summaries or explanations
    • text follows a logical sequence (includes an introduction, a body and a conclusion)
  • extend upon, or offer generative critiques in a respectful manner
  • are between 500 and 1500 words​ in length

Text-based pieces should be submitted in Microsoft Word or Google Document format. Multimedia and non-text based materials should be submitted in DropBox.


Please complete the following to send submissions to the Managing Editors:

Author Name(s)

Email of Primary Author

Submission Title

Dropbox or Google Doc Link to Submission

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Additional Notes to Managing Editors


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